Through a track with hardly any slope, between riverside forests, mills, islands, rural landscapes and the river and its waters always as a reference. For those of you who travel in time and curious to discover the intimacy of each landscape, perhaps coming from Lugo, walking or cycling, is the most beautiful way to approach this unique ins and out. For the quieter, you will have the possibility to stop and night in the forest, to return the next day with a smile on the lips of those who last a good season.Once in the Fervenza forest, whether you’re on the natural roads or the paved ones, you’ll encounter different routes, which converge, unscremp, and complement each other and what can help guide your experience according to river level at each season. That you’re in one of those seasons when the river and forest merge into a unique, wild landscape? The paths of the upper part will take you to different doors open to the Great Encounter of water with the woodland. And if it’s sunny, hot and the bathroom is a permanent temptation? For several paths must take you to beautiful ponds that lie between the rocks and the lush green of the riverside vegetation. You can even follow paths that will lead you to ancient oak groves in whose center they breathe dark lagoons full of life and mystery. And if that were not the case, the good layout of paths and derivations will allow you to travel the terrain as you wish for each other, inventing the route that best suits the senses, without the fear of losing you.Be that as it may, you come from where you come from, this land and this river must captivate you! We recommend that you come to live this forest at different times of the year to be able to witness the almost magical changes that occur in it with the passage of the seasons.


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6.5 km.

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